Giant Crayon Crayon Holder

Giant Crayon Crayon Holder

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Crafty, countrified crayon holders perfect for a child's room, craft table or play room. Each holder comes with a 96 count of Crayola Crayons. These holders make a fun and decorative way for kids to scan for the perfect color and a great way to share crayons between several kids.   

Standard Giant Crayon Crayon Holders with 7 holes measure about 28" long, 3" high and 3-1/2" wide, but special requests on size are always welcome. 

The dimensions of each one will probably vary slightly since each one is made by hand individually and sometimes the wood I reclaim is of different sizes.

Giant Crayons with no holes do not include crayons.

Please have patience with me on the creation. Each one is turned into shape, sanded by hand and painted by hand by little old me. Painting takes several days due to dry times between colors and coats. Depending on volume of orders I should be able to get your order out within 1 to 2 weeks. Thanks in advance for your patience 🙂

Please choose between Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue or Purple for your crayon.

The Pencils are waxed for easy cleanup and silky smooth texture. 

Buyers in Alaska and Hawaii please message me for shipping. Usual US rates do not apply.