Meet the Staff

Meet my staff of helping, paws.   I don't know what I would do without my fuzzy little rescued helpers to keep me grounded in unconditional love and support...



Inspector Stella!

Sentry on patrol

I'm so excited to introduce the latest staff member!  Stella's has made it her mission to be in charge of all the packaging and shipping tasks.  She personally inspects each box and piece of packing material.  Stella came to live with the rest of us the summer of 2017 as a teeny tiny little thing but has grown into a fantastic little helper and security patrol!




Meet Taylor, may he Rest in Peace.  Taylor has been the guardian, protector and #1 cuddler for the last 13 years.  You might recognize him from the main page of the website. Taylor passed away just 3 days before Christmas 2016 and he is so very missed, but he will remain the face of the shed, he helped build the shed after all...



Max the sawdust collectorMaxi the hugger

Max is the resident sawdust collector and giver of hugs.  He is always ready to give anyone who will stand still a big hug!  Max doesn't shed a hair, but he does tend to shed a lot of sawdust wherever he goes :)




Say hello to Lily!  Lily's job is constant distraction and making sure I can't really focus on anything but throwing her ball for her. She excels at putting her ball under anything she can to make you stop what you're doing and focus on her.  She was working hard on shredding a ball in the picture above.  She's pretty great :)


Blonde Kitty


Blonde Kitty found us and decided we are home around the end of 2016.  She is our lookout, preferring to run across the roofs.  She does come in the shed and demand her hugs and scratches on occasion, She is also in charge of inspecting all newly milled logs.  

All work must stop when its time for pets...




Sissy is the matriarch of the family, she oversees the young ones from a safe distance. She is the force of calm, reason and it's time for you to sit down and rest so I can nap in your lap.  She has the uncanny ability to know when I haven't slept for days and she needs to hold me down in my chair for a nap zzzzzzz


Fuzzy Buttons

Fuzzy Buttons

Fuzzy Buttons showed up at the shed last summer, a super scrawny, almost hairless little baby boy, starved for food, love and attention.  He has since grown into Mr Playful and Mr Needy, he's always near and ready for pets and play time.

Mama Kitty

Introducing the latest addition to the staff... Mama Kitty!


Mama Kitty was found at the day job out in the warehouse, in the middle of a pallet of cartons for shipping paint in May 2020.  We had no idea she was there until the pallet was taken down off a rack and the next morning there were kittens running around the labeling department.  I scooped them all up and put them in a box in my office for about six weeks until they were big enough to find their forever homes.  Mama came home with me to heal after being spayed and of course never left.  She was barely a year old herself and feral but slowly but she learned my home was her home and now she oversees the warehouse (where else!) and my room full of boxes and already built items.  She's very diligent in her duties and keeps all the little stuffed mice and jingly balls under control.

Oh!  and lets not forget the best friends in the world, I could not do what I do without their generous gift of time and support!   I am so very blessed!

Oh...and me :)  I'm Annie, and I love building things for people!


Annie, Chelsea and Kimber

Annie Kimber Chelsea Sept 2016 Pikes Peak

Annie, Chelsea and Kimber at the top of Pikes Peak, September 2016


Denae and Annie

Denae and Anne Xmas 2016

Denae and Annie, Christmas 2016



Kimber Time in a tree Summer 2016

Kimber, thinking she's a monkey, summer 2016


Chelsea and Annie

Chelsea and Annie Summer 2015 Six Flags

Chelsea and Annie, summer 2015, Six Flags...I don't think Chelsea was thrilled with her decision to ride the water ride :):)


Sandy and Annie

Best sister in the world!

Introducing the Best Sister in the World...Sandy...TaDa!  I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful my sister is and what a tremendous help she's been!  The last couple years she has flown out from Ohio to help me get ready for arts festivals and sales.  She is hands down the greatest, and without question my hero of all heros!   This picture was taken in November 2017 when she came out to help me get ready for a show in Tulsa.