Plant Holder

Plant Holder

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This is a colorful, sturdy planter big enough to plant a tree in if you wanted to.

It's made from small pallets and has a great variety of color in the wood. It's finished with clear marine grade polyurethane to hold up to even the most enthusiastic watering or thunderstorms. The planter pictured has weathered about 10" of rain and storms in the short time it's been sitting out on the porch. The slats are left to have gaps and fissures that follow the natural contours of the wood to allow for natural drainage. The inside is lined with a black mesh to make sure no soil goes out with the draining water.

The planter pictured is right at 20" x 20" x 20". That is as big as I can go with the particular wood that I make them out of but if you'd like a smaller size or shape just let me know and I'd be happy to build to your specifications.

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